My Work Experience


Full-Time Full-Stack Freelancer

2022 - 2023


I was freelancing full-time, this time I worked on a few interesting projects, but otherwise it was just casual work, I've worked on a few rails projects to deliver features, fixed a wordpress site, delivered a nuxt project amongst others, I wasn't on any specific platform, and I depended on my website as main profile

Ruby on Rails / Vue Web Developer

2021 - 2022

Remote (Canada)

worked with a senior ruby on rails developer on that team, that I've learned a lot from, not only about ruby but about development in general, I've been working mainly on implementing the API on ruby, using ruby-QGL, and when applicable I implement the relevant front-end components in Quasar/Vue, there was dedicated front-end developers that focused on the bigger components, my life revolved around jest and rspect on this project, we had full test coverage, and full CI-CD

Alpine Intuition

Full-Stack Javascript Web Developer

2020 - 2021

Remote (Switzerland)

Worked on Isquared, a portal to promote and expose ML/AI models to the internet, built in NodeJS and ReactJS. Used MongoDB and InfluxDB to keep stats and usage values of the ML in a real-time DB.

People Per Hour

Freelance Web Developer

2019 - 2020


I was freelancing full-time, the main platform being PPH, but also on the private and on other platforms, I've been working on a lot of various frameworks and tools during this period, I've worked on tasks that varied from fully managed microservices architectures orchestrated with kubernetes, to AWS fully managed setups, to Backend coding in Laravel/Symfony/Rails, to highly dynamic front ends in React and VueJS, with LESS/Stylus/Sass and Bootstrap/Bulma.

GVA Virtual Academy

Laravel/React Full-Stack Developer

2018 - 2019

Remote ( Geneva )

I worked with the same Senior from Previous project using similar technology and lessons learned, the platform was a curriculum and students management software, with the notes and grades, also including the exams, tests with quizzes and exercises, had textual and video lessons, it used a more modernized approach to react, and it was my first experience with react functional


Laravel/React Full-Stack Developer

2017 - 2018

Remote ( France )

I worked with a Senior Dev on Laravel and ReactJS with Redux, the platform was a learning platform with video streams and lessons and quizzes, for the medical industry, the product was my first experience with full-scale laravel development, and my introduction to class based react components, and the modern front end stack, it was also my first time using electron.


Co-founder and Lead Developer

2014 - 2017

Ain Oulmene, Sétif

During my time, I worked on developing a basis for quick delivery of projects using FuelPHP, and a few deployment scripts in Ruby, we delivered around 10~ projects, some used wordpress, and some used older versions of rails, I was involved with the clients and negotiations, and was the lead developer when it came to writing the code and maintaining the VPS and shared hostings we used.


Freelance Web Developer

2013 - 2014


Freelance Web Developer working on Opencart, WordPress, dynamic and static sites in PHP and JQuery.


Junior Web Developer

2011 - 2013

Ain Oulmene, Sétif

Junior Web Developer using JQuery and PHP on shared hosting. was working with wordpress and OpenCart a lot, this is a local startup, we delivered a couple of websites, that ranged from E-Shops to Static displaying pages, in HTML/CSS and templates we've built over the season, and also had the chance to experience with CMSes like Wordpress and OpenCart and Magentoo and Joomla